Life can sometimes be cruel and full of unexpected moments – how should one feel, if one suddenly sees the adored one, that one hasn’t seen for months, suddenly passing by and gets not even a smile or kind word.


Thanks to Thomas Hawk for the above photo.

Signs you should pay attention to

  1. If a woman forgets who you are at the airport or does not greet you with a hug or kiss – She’s treat her correctly and depart on the next flight.
  2. When you’re away and she goes to a concert or dinner alone with another man – Let her find what she’s looking for and don’t let her enjoy you too.
  3. When you have breakfast, lunch or dinner and she’s texting on her phone. But when out with friends and does not respond even once to your message – She’s immature, easily distracted and not worthy of your company.
  4. If a woman starts to be rude, show no love, empathy or kisses – She not worthy of you rewarding her with your attention – don’t reward such behaviour.
  5. When a woman is never proud to have you in a photo with her OR you have to have a discussion about “relationship status”Don’t entertain the discussion again, neither entertain her.
  6. If you send her flowers and she makes jokes about it – She doesn’t deserve any.
  7. When a woman is too busy to send you a response back after quite a number of days – She’s not worth responding back to.
  8. When you are meant to meet a woman at a place and she’s there first and been talking to another guy. When you arrive and he asks her “Who is he?” and she responds “He’s my friend”Find yourself another girlfriend because if she’s fallen so easy for you, she will fall easily for anyone.
  9. If she says she loves you, but when things get really tough, she is cold and never responds to you – Time to try some Buddhist philosophy and treat her the same.

If you notice any of the above signs, end it and move on because there is someone else better for you and you don’t need to be treated like this.

Let someone else put up with being with such a woman, life is too short.

Or, there could be another way…

There will always be things that bug/trouble each of you and for different reasons.

It’s best to note at least 3x specific examples and discuss these with your partner. It is hard to challenge each other. The reason is that not everyone knows they could be causing an issue. So it’s best to discuss these by making yourself herd.

Even if you think you want to avoid conflict, you need to discuss because these issues will grow like a dragon. Each day the invisible dragon feeds and grows bigger. Before you know it, you open your eyes and the little cute dragon becomes a monster, and it will eat your relationship up.

In the end, if people love each other, understand that people make mistakes and love is always worth fighting for.

Rules to live by

If you are not attractive for yourself and her, you will drag the relationship down like a drowning person who pulls down their saviour – be attractive, take care of yourself.

When you are not successful or not attempting to make real progress in this regard, a woman will eventually give up on you. It’s not their fault, its yours – just think about it, will a woman care for you if you are a bum or beggar on the side of the street?

Don’t send multiple messages, these will annoy her – stop. Send one message and be patient. Unfortunately, if you don’t hear anything back, it’s a sign.

You’re either a winner, take pride in yourself and you will have a great woman OR you’re a looser, and losers lose woman.

Decide who you want to be, and look out for the above signs.


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