Inspire Yourself Strategy

If you’ve had the feeling, like nothing else matters or you’ve lost the plot, you’re not the only one. Perhaps this will help you on your journey, never stop or give up or loose hope.


Thanks to Cristian Bortes www.eyeem. for the above photo.

There have been a few occasions in my life, where I’ve had challenging moments. Plenty of circumstances lead you to think there’s nothing else, there’s nothing left and no hope.

But I think the real problem is that, we don’t always know how to solve these difficult problems. It’s knowledge that is needed, knowing how to solve problems with simple remedies, recipes or rules – allow us to move forward and accomplish anything.

Knowledge comes in many forms, whether this be in books or films or information passed on by others. There is also empirical knowledge gained from experience. But in the end, all of this is all knowledge or knowing is useful, to know how to deal with a problem, challenge or obstacle.

I’ve read all sorts of books – and I’ll be the first to admit, still not nearly enough!

Anything from well researched, scientific sorts to the way out there esoteric stuff. Many various formats including books, podcasts/audio books and plenty of video, to try learn, teach myself and gain more knowledge.

A new self created strategy

Perhaps we learn the rules, then master them and then need to break them. Or maybe we just figure out new ways to solve problems by ourselves.

I decided to create a fresh strategy and call it “Inspire Yourself Strategy”.

My thinking of this is that if one cannot inspire yourself, how can you possibly inspire others.

Why inspire others, I think this is part of what being human is about. You don’t need to inspire the whole world, perhaps just the people around you, perhaps just your partner or your siblings or child. Without inspiring another, I would venture to say – you’ll probably be a dull person, damn downright boring. So being an inspiring person is important.

Inspiring Yourself Strategy method

Every morning after my visualisation and meditation. I would add a tweet message for myself to remind me of what inspiration message I can give to myself.

Writing a tweet makes me think of situation, circumstances or state and propels my thinking in the right direction.

I would also ask myself a question “What would it be like?” and think of a future outcome. This process starts me thinking about how things would be, I would get excited, feel great and inspired.

Then think about all the things I’m grateful for. This in itself if amazing because you realise, just how lucky you are to have things, abilities and talents. You go from thinking how you cannot or how difficult it is to “wow, there are resources I have and could do so and so”.

I started to find myself smiling, my inner thoughts change and a sense to want to achieve more, plan more, do more.

I hope this simple strategy inspires you too.

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