Long Weekend, Every Week

Most people don’t have control over their time. They sacrifice their time for the structure of others – companies, corporations… the standard norm.

Access call center, 2001

Thanks to King County, WA for the above photo.

Having worked for various companies both in a contract and permanent basis, in multiple countries – I’ve never liked the norm, the standard. Whether these hours were flexible “core” hours (10 AM to 15 PM) or standard “9 to 5” hours (9 AM to 5 PM), these just don’t suit me because I like to work differently.

What works for me

I want to work, I want to create and solve problems. I want to do the work. But – I want to do it the way which works for me.

Focusing and not being distracted, squeezing each and every moment of time that is available for the work – that’s for me. I don’t want to spend time, depending on others, wasting time, sitting in meetings that I don’t need to belong to.

Compressing and focusing on working, when working needs to be done – that’s me!


Understanding what you want is one thing, but not having a clue about how much you want to allocate or even understand what you are capable of, needs to be understood. To understand you need to measure. So I decided to plan my ideal “work” day.


Above is a simple flow diagram of my ideal work day.


Above a spread sheet to check the times.

Process flowing my day, made me find out what how much real work I could perform. Then I double checked it with a spreadsheet to make 100% sure.

Turns out my time can be broken down as follows:

  • 2.5 hours – Investing in myself
  • 1.25 hours – Taking breaks
  • 14.25 hours – Work (that’s work, real focused work hours)

Output compared to the standard

If the standard norm for work hours is 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, this would result in having 40 hours per week. Now these standard hours are not completely focused, meetings, interruptions, getting to and from work, etc, etc. But let’s keep this at 40 hours as a standard.

My output for 4 days is 14.25 Hours for a 4 days week, results in 57 hours!

Converting my hours back to a baseline “standard” worker would be 7 days and 1 hour – that’s like going to work, every day of the week.

Long weekend, every week

So compressing my days, with more focus I get to do more than the standard, average worker. The superb discovery of compressing these work hours, gives me a long weekend – that’s a long weekend, every single week!

That long weekend can be used to do anything I want.

Even if I don’t do anything productive with this long weekend time, I can feel great because I work according to my own schedule!


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