Surfing in a Brave new way

We start by padding out and with surfing the next distributed wave with Brave – the internet browser that flips the “centralized” model on it’s head for a “distributed” era. How does this benefit us and why?


Thanks to Eduardo Avalith fro the above photo (go see his other photos on Flickr)

What is Brave?

Brave is an internet browser which is based on the Google Chrome web browser. Essentially the Google Chrome browser is open sourced as Chromium.  This means that the Brave and Chrome browers share the same source code – essentially they are the same at the code, however they each have their own certain tweaks and modifications.

You can see the Brave browser source code and see upcoming features they might have. If you are equality curious here is the Chromium source code on Github.

Download Brave to install and from the official Brave website you can see all sorts of useful information, including help and FAQs.

Browser Extensions

But there is more because Brave innovates to make the browser faster and because it’s based on Chromium you can still have all you favourite browser extensions, like mine Profile Jumper!

Now for the centralization flip

So where a “central” website has ads or logging onto Facebook, adverts are typically served from Google Ads or from Facebook (when in Facebook). Those ads are served to you by your “surfing journey” (browsing history and preferences) or what these websites gather from you (what books you like, interests, people you follow, bla, bla). This can worry many people as we are technically being tracked or watched. I don’t necessarily want to get into this topic – it is for you to decide how you feel about it.

With Brave, this is a distributed ad model. When you go to a website supporting Brave tokens, you can tip or reward the content creators of the aforementioned site with Brave tokens you have.

Not only that, when you browse websites (that support Brave????) you can earn Brave tokens. EXPAND ON THIS MORE.

When you browser your “attention” information is kept locally in the Brave browser. Think of your browser as a black box, the black box likes cars, houses or little pink shoes – essentially these attentions or interests are what ads are sent to. Information about our names, addresses or photos is never sent to anyone.

So I like coffee in the morning, as I’m browsing around the internet an ad may come up. “What a 20% discount on coffee at Starbucks?”, this ad is great because of my interests vs little pink shoes. I can act on the ad (go to Starbucks and take up their offer) and what is amazing is get paid in BAT to see the ad!

Now, you could gather all those BAT tokens and exchange them and pay for coffee – all because of ads! Not bad if you think about it and it’s all based on my little black box (browser) not me – so more privacy.

What are Brave tokens?

BAT which is a cool sounding three letter code for Basic Attention Token. This is a crypto token or cryptocurrency.

BAT tokens are ECR20 tokens, essentially there is a Blockchain technology “fabric” called Ethereum.  What’s interesting if it’s like having a currency like USD (United States Dollar), GBP (British Pound) or EUR (European Union Euro). It just you own another currency called BAT (Basic Attention Tokens).

And just like in the real world where you can take your USD and convert this to GBP (or visa versa), you can convert you BAT crytocurrency to other cryptocurrencies such as BTC (Bitcoin) or ETH (Ether). This process of converting or exchanging currencies is currency trading. Just like currency trading in the real world, you can currency trade with BAT to see these “markets” where you can go to trade/exchange BAT.

How do you store BAT tokens?

BAT (Basic Attention Tokens) are stored in a Cypto Wallet. What is wonderful is Brave have made it even easier by having a Crytpo Wallet included in the Brave browser!

This is made possible by a partnership or collaboration between Brave, MetaMask and Uphold. Meta Mask provides the Cryptocurrency wallets, where Uphold allows you to exchange BAT.

However be aware, that earning BAT from browsing can only be stored in Uphold Wallet – not one of your other crypto wallets you have in your browser.

Privacy Concerns

None of your information is given to anyone. To quote “privacy-focused browser that blocks ads and trackers” from About (BAT) Basic Attention Token website.

However, if the BAT tokens that you earn form seeing ads can only be stored in the Uphold wallet (you don’t have a choice).

In order to exchange you BAT tokens, even if you want to exchange or trade these for other crytocurrencies such as BTC (Bitcoin) or ETH (Ether) – not Fiat currency (USD, GBP, EUR, etc)… You have to verify your complete identity to Uphold.

Uphold wants you to supply your Full Name, Address and some form of ID (such as passport).

Now, if I’m browsing around the internet, watching Brave ads and these are all being collected Scrooge McDuck style in my (default only) Uphold crypto wallet, then you could be tracked because Uphold knows exactly who you are.

Seems like Brave could become the new Facebook, isn’t it?

I thought I would ask anyway…

Above Tweet asked to Brave and below Reddit post asked on Brave Browser sub reddit.

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