Profile Jumper!

You know how you surf the internet, read some things, want to read somethings later… bookmark this page, bookmark that resource and in the end there are bookmarks everywhere!

You have some bookmarks which you want accessible instantly, we both have a bookmark issue… and no one wants to talk about it because bookmarks are the white elephant in the room.

Sky Whale

Thanks to Stefano Corso for the above image (see his other great photos)

The Bookmark Solution

The problem has been explained, in a nutshell – you bookmark too many things and these bookmarks push aside your existing bookmarks, making them disappear from view (just where you like them).

Deciding to find a solution, I took matters into my own hands and created a chrome browser extension. It looks something like this…


You click on the little icon and all your profiles are conveniently within reach in one place, nice? Yes it is!

The name I’ve decided to give this tool is called Profile Jumper!

What’s even more nice, is that I’ve made it completely open source. This means that you can look at the code, make changes if you want and everyone benefits. The project is located on GitHub and it has it’s own website profile-jumper to guide people in obtaining more information.

What are profiles?

The main purpose for Profile Jumper! to allow you to jump between different profiles. This is it’s first primary use. Say you want to go to Instagram, then jump to Twitter or Facebook – you just click on the icon in the convenient place.

That’s the idea and so the concept of “Profiles” is born, nevertheless these are just links.

Since these are just links, you needn’t only link to social profiles – you can create a “Profile” to anywhere, you could add a link to a specific Google doc or anything else on the internet.

What can you do with Profile Jumper!

You can add not just all your social profiles, but you can create links to frequently used places on the internet for example Google Drive or Flickr or anywhere you decide.

I’ve made it such that the icon automatically gets assigned to your URL. You can also override the icon if you don’t like! For example my blog is however the icon will be somewhat challenging to assign… so typing in WordPress will give this profile a WordPress icon!

How can you get Profile Jumper!

There are many resources but in the end the actual chrome browser extension is available on the chrome web store as Profile Jumper!. Here are various resources:

  1. The Profile Jumper! chrome web store listing
    Profile Jumper! Chrome Web Store
  2. The actual website for Profile Jumper!
  3. The source code hosted on GitHub for Profile Jumper!

Does it cost anything?

This chrome browser extension is completely free!

No, I don’t want your money (that may sound like I’m speaking French) but I really just wanted to solve my problem and I hope it solves yours. Call it giving back, getting some karma kudo points.

Could you do something for me?

Well, I kind of like this little tool and had fun creating it. Since I’m not asking for money or donations – what would be super cool and marvellous and… make my day, is if you like it tell someone else about it.

If you want to say thank you (I would be super grateful because it’s nice to get a thank you), do it here or on this Instagram post.

Would you like to help contribute?

It would be super superb if we could have this translated into other languages, so if you speak English and another language you could help! Please see the support this project page.

Anyone who helps with this project will be added to the credits page. It’s a nice way to thank people and recognise them for their contribution (large or small).

Here you can link to your very own social profile or even a project you are working on.


Since this is a very fresh project, If you could write a review this will help the project and help more people find a nice little tool to help them.

Thank you!

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