How to stay successful

Attempting anything successful is challenging and you need to have motivation. There are different ways to stay motivated. Here I would like to give some strategies on how to stay successful. Especially if you are starting your own project. A successful outcome or result is required, so you need ways to achieve success.

Thames Path 14/03/13 - 12

Thanks to Garry Knight for the above photo.

When you are starting your own project or idea, it’s rather different than working in a job. There are so many things to do and you don’t yet have the specialisation that is leveraged by a company, open source project or other people working in a group. There is just you to do all the various tasks. Some days are great and other days… well not so great (to keep a positive attitude).

How to stay on your path

You often hear that it is “hard” to do your own thing – personally I like the term “challenging”. It is challenging to stay on your path. There is so much to do and things can go wrong. For example I was trying to shoot a update video for one of my projects, everything seemed to be going wrong, my phone was not charged, I had overslept and picking up my shaver just to shave, was a chore because I hadn’t cleaned it. Everything I attempted, there just seemed one obstacle after another… “all I want to do it get the task done!” is what I said to myself.

It is natural to want to give up. This process can sometimes start right in the morning. You might lie in for a while, hit the snooze button a few times – it’s happened to me on so many occasions, I’ve lost count. But then I realised something.

Obstacles are a necessity. If you really want to do that which you want to do, obstacles are a way of testing if you really, really want to do it. After all if everything was just to easy – everyone would do it. Thinking about it this way – that is good news!

Obstacle after obstacle, depending on how many you have, your will starts to fade. That oomph that you started with could become a distant memory. Not if, you are aware of what you want and desire. If you know what you want and are in the moment of doing and working towards your goal, then you at least have this in place. Writing down your goals and remembering them is even more effective. So all you need to do now, in the moment is remind yourself – how to stay true to your path.

When I have these moments, I ask myself “how to get back on to my path?”. It like when you were a kid and fell of your bike, you’re told to “get back on or you’ll never get on”. The same adage is about falling from a horse. So every time I am experiencing an obstacle, I don’t get angry or frustrated. I stop, realise that there is an obstacle… and simply say:

“How to get back on to my path?”

It just pushes you to think about all those things you want to achieve. You realise that you just need to do the thing that is preventing you. Just get it done, so that you can return to your path. This idea has helped me tremendously.

Need to prepare for success

I’ve done some experiments lately to check my sleep, focus and will. Living in chaos is possible, but preparing for success is far better. Yes, you’re not successful yet – but you sure can prepare yourself because the opportunity will come.

Now that’s the long view, you know that if you are prepared and ready, then when an opportunity arises – it’s true that you will be able to take advantage. Common sense.

Nevertheless, it is the little small details you need to focus on. For example, when needing to go out and doing a task related to your goal. Put your clothes out. Another example, if you need to get up and work the next day – put your computer and devices in the place they need to be, so that when you wake up, you are ready to roll.

What I’m saying is that, while you are building and working on your project, working towards your goals and dreams – prepare just a little, just before each task/activity.

Final thoughts

Hope this helps you, these two little ideas and experiencing the difference they make, first hand is tremendous. Its a little change here and there, that amplifies your results.

Do you have other strategies to stay successful?

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