We all have dreams (hopefully you have) and we need to be held accountable. Who we are responsible to is up to you. But how can we employ accountability pragmatically, to ensure we know how to be accountable?


Thanks to Garry Knight for the above awesome photo (be sure to take a look at his other great photos).

Having a dream and it coming true

There is an old saying “ideas are a dime a dozen” and its no surprise that this statement, might be true because most people do not follow their dreams. However I think if you are accountable, meaning you are responsible and completely liable to yourself for manifesting your dream – then you can make your dreams come true.

If a dozen dreams are worth a dime, then you should be able to convert a single dream from 0.83 cents to something worth much, much more. Even if one dream made $1 – that’s a 20% return on investment 🙂 You’ll be right up there with one of the richest men in the world. See Warren Buffets 2018 letter to shareholders showing 20% return.

Jokes aside, you need to increase the probability of manifesting you dream, essentially augmenting your dream with reality. How you do this is by measuring and below are some ways you can be more accountable.

How can you be more accountable

Simply having the idea in your head that you should be accountable is a reasonable strategy, but this idea will soon fade because it will be drowned out by other incoming ideas. To be more effective is to truly measure your accountability. How do you measure accountability?

Here are some things you can do to measure accountability:

  • Set goals.
  • Have a list of tasks.
  • Create a daily mantra.

Set Goals

When you set goals, you need to write these down. Then remind yourself periodically by reviewing these written down goals. But simply looking at your goals on the piece of paper is like watching grass grow. You need to measure whether you have actually achieved the individual goal, so go one step further and put a little square box in front of your desired goal. Known as the checkbox, this allows you to track when you have achieved your goal.

Have a list of tasks

I’ve employed various methods to track tasks, there are so many strategies ranging from GTD (Getting Things Done), Gantt Charts, Time Tracking Software to recording simple To Do lists. You should find what works for you, but what is important is to have a list of tasks. Whether you choose to push your dopamine levels up with cross out or check for the task, again is up to you.

What works for me is planning a 3 day stretch, by having a custom Google sheet listing all the various tasks. When a task is done, I click on a checkbox and the magic of a custom function highlights the row in green… my dopamine levels rocket, when all I see is green.

Create a daily mantra

When you have a mantra, that is a simple sentence you say to yourself – you get the benefit of programming your mind to focus on that which you want to achieve. You remind yourself and each action you take, you think if that action is inline towards your mantra. Its more a central, core idea which you hold you actions accountable.

You can also read more in depth how I’ve explained how to create a daily mantra and the importance of it.


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