Make money online experiment

I’m interested in how people make money online. Most of the time I’m bombarded with “How to make money online” courses… When investigating further these courses that are on offer, do seem to make money. How does one actually make money online – without selling courses?


Thanks to Pictures of Money for the superb photo above.

Actually this online money making concept is super intriguing. Can you start with no money at all? or do you need a few zeros behind a number (greater than zero) to invest into your online empire? How many zeros do you actually need? Questions, so many questions and no answers! Bet there is a course out there in the cloud somewhere 😉

It takes money to make money

To make money I suspect, one would need a small amount of seed capital. The minimum amount would need to be a guess, I suppose. Yet, at the same time challenging enough not to be too easy. A person in the real world would need to be able to save or earn this minimum start-up capital fairly easy (even if you had to save for a few months) depending where you live.

The money making idea

Performing some quick research, its easy to see that some people come up with these challenges of turning a paper-clip into a top class possession, like a house. In other instances people have turned 1 cent or $1 into $1000 or more. However inspiring that is to see, everyone who undertakes one these “challenges” does this physically. e.g. Go to a pound shop or swap something in person or perform a service like a Thai massage.

The challenges seen will not do, because I’m interested in if one can make money online only? Has anyone made money mostly online starting with a small amount of seed capital?

The money making experiment

So far as I can see, no one has done this solely online. So what an opportunity. I think there needs to be enough time to see what is possible, as well as learn along the way. Therefore, I think a year to see what can be done should be sufficient.

How much money do you need to make money online

I think $150 is a good place to start because as I mentioned above, anyone should be able to have enough start-up capital to start making money online. To not have any money does not make sense, unless you use social networks alone. To have a basic setup to be able to pay for hosting and purchase domain name, you would need a small amount of money. Gaining traffic or interest without any money would take longer than 6 months. Lets see if $150 is enough to start making money and scale up from there.

What information is there about making money online

I’ve decided to create a specific website and set of videos to document this experience. This will start out with nothing and will show most parts of the process. Of course the website and videos will be rudimentary at first… but I think it will be fantastic to watch how this improves over time as we learn something more.

I’m thinking to give a status update every week/two weeks about the progress. I’m not planning to turn this into any courses, I think it will be fun to see what is needed to make money online and this fits in line with my “distributor” philosophy.

Find out more at 150 in 365 and see how we can turn $150 into something in 365 days. It could be great to tell more people and I thought it would be fun to distribute some profits to the first 100 people who follow this (just to say thanks for being interested).

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