Pineapple Instagram Experiment

I quite like Instagram because as the adage goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Simple to share, find interesting posts from people, groups and images related to hashtags.

I’ve passed the 1000 followers mark on Instagram and so I was curious…

Is there a way which you can engage with people who you don’t know, on a common theme/idea/topic – without manipulation or spam, what can be done?

The Idea

Hawaiian shirts are my thing and I had been doing a few things recently in my Pineapple Hawaiian shirt. Also people seem to post all things related to pineapples. So with pineapples everywhere, a cunning plan was hatched around… “pineapples”.

In order to relate to people with pineapples, I needed the following:

  1. Pictures – myself in a pineapple Hawaiian shirt ✔️
  2. Stories – some story related to pineapples ❌
  3. Relate Strategy – some way of engaging ❌

Here’s me in my Hawaiian Pineapple Shirt.

Pineapple Hawaiian shirt


For stories, it was by sheer chance that we were heading to the supermarket. With “pineapples” on the brain, we acted accordingly… So seeing pineapples in the fruit section I grabbed a pair – snap, job done.

What else, what else – you know what its like when searching for inspiration… We headed back home and to my luck my girlfriend packed in a can of pineapples for her great chicken & pineapple recipe (was this pineapple inspiration effort beginning to move into subliminal territory?). Seeing the canned pineapples, I made my plea for another photo.  Snap, done!

With simple basic editing in Instagram, I now had my 2x stories now. The idea is that if someone stop by my Instagram account… They would see something to do with pineapples in my stories and, they would see a photo of me in my pineapple Hawaiian shirt.

Here were my 2x stories:


As you can see, simple content with hands pointing to pineapples. Both singular and plural forms of hashtags (#pineapple and #pineapples) were employed in the different stories. Yip… the second story with pineapples for eyes, does make me seem a little crazy for pineapples!

The Engagement Grind

Now that seemed a little crazy for pineapples… I used the #pineapple hashtag and filtered pineapple posts by most recent. The idea was to engage with people who just posted something related to pineapples of course.

The process was broken down into 2 batches:

  1. Use a simple comment without any hashtags.
  2. Use #pineapple hashtag for the next batch.

In both cases the comment had to be simple for example “🍍 #pineapple carved in wood… yeah 🤘”.

Super, super important. The strategy was to write a comment about something in the image – so it had to be highly relevant and the comment had to be positive. Think of it like giving the person a complement.

I did one batch of comments around lunch time and the other in the afternoon. For each comment, I also added a like to the photo.


People seemed to like the relevance and positivism of the comment. Both by liking and replying to my “pineapple” comment.

Where I made slight errors (perspective observations), people corrected me and commented back by pointing out my mistake. I simply played on this by offering a fashionable reply containing humour. For example there was this hipster shopping bag that had a pineapple in it… I referred to is as “pineapple in a shopping bag” – but they preferred to call it “happiness in a bag”.

See this wonderful post for example:

With this curious idea… I managed to increase my Instagram followers by 10%.

Not bad, acting on inspirational idea and making use of opportunities during the day.

So if you see me speaking about pineapples, I might still have them on my brain – and all my intentions are good! If there is a bit of humour, why not? After all why shouldn’t “pineapples” and happiness win the day?

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