Apple Watch 4

We’re all on the lookout to upgrade our productivity levels, so this is why I thought the Apple Watch was a superb idea. Having this I wanted to share answers to common questions I have.

Battery Life

According to the Apple Watch battery information, the watch should have power for 18 hours (that’s the goal – so your mileage may vary). My aim is to wear my Apple Watch at night to track my sleep, heart rate, fitness levels and various productivity tasks. So the battery life should meet my requirements if I charge this around the time before I go to bed.

How does Apple Watch pair with iPhone?

When you first setup your Apple Watch, there is a specific procedure (video) you need to follow to get this done. Your iPhone needs to have both Bluetooth and Wifi on. It appears that the Apple Watch uses a combination of either Bluetooth or WiFi.

I turned off WiFi to verify if this is true and then I performed a simple test. Create a message in Telegram (to yourself) on the iPhone. Then check if the Apple Watch Telegram saved messages is updated (it worked for me). Simple conclusion is that Apple Watch can sync via Bluetooth to iPhone.

Fitness with Apple Watch

For my needs I’m simply looking to maintaining my personal fitness by doing ABS, push-ups and some light body weight training. Personally as I’m just maintaining my fitness at home. For me I’m just using the default Activity tracker combined with Workout. These both are defaults. I’m not looking to follow a app defined workout and the other reason is, so far I’ve not found anything simple that I can use.

However if you are going to a gym, working with weights or doing more high intensity training, you might want to consider other apps – if you know other great apps, please post these in the comments!


Here the interest is primarily tasks and how to keep track of them. Todoist is what I’m currently using across my laptop, iPhone and Apple Watch.

However, in my opinion improvements still need to be made for the Apple Watch. Things like sub-tasks and seeing all tasks at once… does not show icons or project categories in one view. So more work to be done.

I’m really interested in the productivity side of things… so if you know of any apps that you have found which are superb, please post these in the comments.


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